• basement foundation vapor barrier installed

    installation of the basement vapor barrier

  • Floor framing exposed

    view of midline road floor framing from above

  • View from under the floor framing

    view from below the floor system

  • wall framing

    deck and first walls

  • Wall framing

    Sunroom and kitchen walls

  • roof rafters

    view of rafters and eave overhang framing

  • geothermal trenches

    trenches dug for geothermal ground loops and geothermal loops installed

  • bumpup framing

    view of bumpup framing

  • framing complete

    finished framing

  • Construction
  • BUILDlab believes that the marriage of design and construction practices not only allow for more efficient building by removing communication bottlenecks among disciplines, but can produce a more integrated, efficient, and beautiful final product.  We really do believe that an understanding of the energy modeling and design practices  that produced an idea for a building should affect the cabinetry and finishes and that the best method for this integration is through holistic integration of the design and construction fields.

    In the Summer of 2010 BUILDlab began the construction of a 2,200 sq ft home they have designed over the previous months.  It will utilize passive solar strategies, a ground source heat pump for both domestic hot water and radiant floor heat, soy-based spray foam insulation,and  bamboo and cherry cabinets to create a highly efficient residence in Dryden, NY.