Need computationally-intensive analysis tools to handle a large building energy project?

Need to make high impact decisions based on uncertain energy simulations?

Want to extend the functionality of your existing software to include cloud-based building simulation?

Have a building portfolio that needs repeated
analytically-complex analyses performed?

Want to auto-calibrate of building energy models and make reliable predictions for the impact of proposed measures?

Have a stack of spreadsheets that would really hum if they had a thousand CPUs behind them?

Have an idea for an advanced analysis tool and want help implementing it?

We can make a tool to suit your needs

We are a team of building scientists, architects, engineers, computer scientists and financial analysts with expertise in building physics, design, advanced numerical analysis, risk analysis, software development and data management.

We have a suite of tools developed over five years to perform high power cloud based analyses with building energy models.


Apidae is our cloud computing platform for building energy simulation.

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We are a small and nimble team with a great skill mix

building simulation

between us we have decades of experience in building simulation, and as part of the EnergyPlus development team we keep pushing on the cutting edge

energy efficiency

we combine university laboratory experience and practical hands-on experience in building design, construction and evaluation

computational analysis

optimization, statistical analysis; python, dakota, R

data management

postgres, mongo, you name it we got it covered. security. check.

cloud management

scaling, queuing, communications - we are all steeped in the tea and one of us has nearly drowned

web development

although we can work in a variety of ways, our favorite stack uses Node.js, Express and Twitter Bootstrap

data visualization

D3.js gives us the flexibility to make an amazing array of data visualization graphics; experience and style let us use that power to make complex analysis clear

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